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Welcome to SkyT Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd.

At SkyT Spices Market we know our spices inside and out.

We believe that meals bring people together. Good food brings us closer to the people around our tables, and it connects us to cultures near and far. Meals go beyond just nourishing our bodies, they nourish our hearts and spirits too. And spices are a big part of what makes our recipes and meals special.

Bringing you the best quality spices to your kitchen we are in a mission to help Sri Lankans flavour up their dishes with the authentic Sri Lankan spice flavours. Made with high-quality ingredients, we deliver the best spices right to your kitchen. All our products are made from 100% pure ingredients assuring you the best quality and the best flavours.

With years of experience in processing Sri Lankan spices the traditional way, we are experts in creating tantalizing spice blends that can take the best flavours out of the dish you are preparing.

We believe that great food is what bring people closer, nurture cultures and nourish people’s body as well as mind and soul. Which is why are we committed to you deliver you quality and genuine Sri Lankan products for those who are interested in great cooking with quality ingredients. Be it’s a vegetable, meat or a fish curry we have spices and spice blends to add irresistible flavours to your curry that your family and guests can’t get enough of.

Sourced from the local spice farmers from far corners of the country, all our ingredients are handpicked and prepared with love and care. At SkyT Spice Market, we use the generations-old techniques with the latest technology to preserve the best flavours and nutrient complexes to ensure the best quality curry seasoning with amazing health benefits. We never add any artificial flavours or preservatives or any chemicals to our products and ensure you 100% healthy product safe for consumption. We make all our products in small batches taking great pride in providing a consistent, authentic, flavorful product that our customers order again and again.

We invite you to try our spices and see the difference for yourself.

100% natural Ceylon Seasoning

Why Choose Our Product?

Our spice blends include 100% pure spices promising you great quality, flavors and aromas. Curating to the authentic flavours of Sri Lanka our products are much more than just a 100% pure spice seasoning.

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To provide our customers with handpicked and homemade spice blends of high quality and full of delicious flavours made with natural and healthy ingredients, to make 100% pure spice products easily accessible to our customers creating great value in a happy environment.


To be a leader in the spice market sharing the goodness of Ceylon spices around Sri Lanka as well as around the world.